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Who Are We?


Foremost Lithium is a hard-rock exploration company strategically located to capitalize on the world’s growing EV appetite and is committed to being a premier supplier of North America’s lithium feedstock. As the world transitions towards decarbonization, the company is focused on exploration and growth on its 4 core Lithium Lane Projects in Snow Lake Manitoba, and its newly acquired Lac Simard South Property in Quebec. Foremost Lithium also has the Winston Gold/Silver Property in New Mexico USA.





Acres in the Snow
Lake District in Manitoba


Pegmatite Dykes

Lithium Lane Projects


8,300+ acres with 16 Spodumene Pegmatite Dykes
Lithium Project


2,476 acres with 2 Beryl pegmatite dykes
& Jol Lithium Project


15,660+ acres with 17 pegmatite dykes
Lithium Project


Almost 16,700 acres with Numerous Pegmatite Mapped pegmatite dykes
Claims Project

What is lithium?

Lithium is a soft, silvery-white alkali metal that comes from two main sources, brine and hard-rock but can also be found in clay. Soaring demand of this light-weight metal, fueled by global adoption of electric vehicles has created an overwhelming demand for this critical mineral as battery makers and EV suppliers scramble to secure their supply.

BloombergNEF predicts demand for lithium is set to surge more than sevenfold by 2030 which will require another 50 more mines to go into production by that time to fill the demand/supply gap. As the world tranisitions to a cleaner and a carbon neutral environment, lithium is an integral piece towards this energy independence.


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Elon Musk
July 21, 2022


  • Perfectly positioned to capitalize on rapid demand for lithium. Carbonate and hydroxide prices have surged based on the need for suppliers to secure their battery metal
  • Favourable geographic proximity to strategic North American partners for operational synergies and refining requirements
  • Significant exploration upside - over 43,276 acres/17,513-hectare acres in mine friendly jurisdiction of Snow Lake, Manitoba
  • Active and dedicated management team focused on driving shareholder value in the development of all properties in an environmentally and responsible way